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Saturday, February 21, 2015

random word of the day: TO WILD (OUT) (WILDIN’, WILDING)

random word of the day: TO WILD (OUT), WILDIN’, WILDIN

szaleć, wariować, tracić panowanie nad sobą etc.

to do something crazy, extreme, strange, over the top or wild

OVER THE TOP – ekstremalne, przesadzone (too extreme and not suitable)

(1)  Me and the boys had consumed enough Klonopin to relax all of our inhibitions and go wilding all around the neighbourhood, chucking eggs at store windows and kicking kittens.

TO CONSUME – spożywać (to eat or drink)

AN INHIBITION – zahamowanie (a feeling of embarrassment or worry that prevents you from saying or doing what you want)

TO CHUCK – ciskać, rzucać (to throw)

Klonopin – lek psychotropowy o silnym i długotrwałym działaniu przeciwdrgawkowym i przeciwlękowym. (medicine used to treat seizure disorders or panic disorder)

(2) The newly single and ready to mingle rapper has only been divorced for a few months, and since then he's been wilding out a little.

NEWLY SINGLE – od niedawna bez partnerki (who has been single for a short time)

SINGLE AND READY TO MINGLE –  gotowy na romans (no longer in a committed relationship to one other person and so is now looking for another partner)

(3) Anyway, ever since she found this man 9 months ago, she's been wilding out!!!

(4) Los Angeles is pretty incredible too; it’s always quite an experience to play there. They aren’t scared of anything; they’re wilding from beginning to end.

(5) I be wilding 'cause I'm young and I be wilding 'til I'm chill and old. (Kid Cudi lyrics)

CHILL= CHILLY – chłodny, zimny (cold)

(6) Now I'm Four Five Seconds from wildin' (Rihanna lyrics)


  1. Fantastyczny blog, będę zaglądać codziennie! Aśka

  2. Dziękuję i zapraszam :)