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Sunday, February 15, 2015

random word of the day: A HACK

random word of the day: a HACK

trik, proste rozwiązanie

a clever solution to a tricky problem
a tool or technique that makes an aspect of someone’s life easier

(1) This beauty hack will change the way you shower – forever! Simply by switching to a pair of exfoliating gloves instead of using a loofah you’ll discover smoother skin and longer lasting soap!

TO SWITCH TO – zacząć używać (to start using)

EXFOLIATING – złuszczanie martwego naskórka (removing dead skin)

A LOOFAH – gąbka (something you rub your body with while taking a shower)

SMOOTH – gładkie (perfectly regular and with no bumps)

(2) Facebook Co-founder, Dustin Moskowitz's favorite time saving hack is "No Meeting Wednesdays." The idea is is that most people should have at least one day of the week completely clear of meetings so that they can focus on critical work.

CO-FOUNDER – współzałożyciel (one of the people who started an organisation/company)

CLEAR OF – wolny od, pozbawiony (free of)

CRITICAL – kluczowy, ważny (very important)

(3) Fitness hack: handstands are like all you need to do for sexy arms/back/shoulders. Prop yourself up against a wall— I swear even beginners can start at a few seconds and work their way up.

HANDSTANDS – stanie na rękach (a physical exercise in which you try to support your body with your arms, having your legs up)

to PROP YOURSELF UP AGAINST – podpierać się o (to lean again something, to support your body with)

TO WORK YOUR WAY UP – rozwijać się, stawać się w czymś lepszym, doskonalić umiejętność (to improve, to get better)

(4) Cooking Hack #5: Slice your next homemade Tiramisu as perfectly as they do at 71 St Peter with dental floss instead of a knife (just make sure to avoid the minty kind!).

TO SLICE – pokroić (to cut into pieces)
DENTAL FLOSS – nić dentystyczna (the thread used for cleaning the area in between your teeth)

(5) This little studying hack gives you incentive for your work. If you need to get a lot of reading done, try leaving a gummy bear trail throughout the page. Once you reach a gummy bear, you get to eat it and move on to the next paragraph.

INCENTIVE – zachęta (motivation)

 A TRAIL – szlak (a path)

YOU GET TO – możesz, wolno tobie (you can, you are allowed to)

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