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Friday, November 4, 2011

Story of My Life: Night is Bliss. Drink a Red Bull.

Hello everybody!

They say that the early bird catches the worm. What this adage tries to communicate to the human race is: if you start your day early, you are going to be rewarded is some way or another. 

My question to you is: Have you ever gained anything just because you set your alarm clock at 6:00 or, god forbid, 5:00 am? No? Me neither. 

If you are an early bird, also called a morning lark, then all I have to say to you is: congratulations, and..... get over yourself! Offended? Let me explain why I am so bitter.

I am a typical night owl. I love to sleep in and start my day when other people go to lunch. During the day, if time allows, I take a nap (no time limit) or a power nap (up to 20 minutes) so that I can stay awake when the rest of the world goes to sleep.

At night, instead of tossing and turning in my bed and trying to fall asleep, I stay up. I get creative and do some work, relax watching a TV series or talk to other insomniacs on Gadu Gadu. Night feels amazing. It gives me freedom. It offers peace and quiet. It soothes my nerves. I love night so much that if I could coin a new adage, it would say: Night is bliss. Drink a Red Bull.

In the morning it is a whole different story though. I can never count how many times I hit the snooze button and when I finally get up, it's anything but a pleasant ride: a muscle pain, a zombie look and some serious yawning. Not pretty.

My favourite Snowy Owl called Hedwig

Therefore, I have a message to all the morning larks out there from us, night owls. Give us a break. It is not our fault our bodies are programmed the way they are. We haven't asked for it. As if mornings weren't enough of a pain already!! Stop attacking us with your conceited early-bird talks. We already know all you have to say to us. Thank you.


the early bird catches the worm – said to advise someone that they will win an advantage if they do something immediately or before anyone else does it, kto rano wstaje, temu Pan Bóg daje
an adage – a wise saying; proverb,przysłowie
to reward – to give someone a reward, nagradzać
to gain – to get something that is useful, that gives you an advantage, zyskać
a morning lark – a person who gets up or arrives early, ranny ptaszek, dosł. skowronek
Get over yourself! – something you say to tell someone to stop thinking that they are more important than other people, przestań myśleć,że jesteś najważniejszy/ najlpeszy
to offend – to make someone upset or angry, obrazić kogoś
bitterdescribes a person who is angry and unhappy because they cannot forget bad things which happened in the past, rozgoryczona
a night owl – a person who prefers to be awake and active at night, sowa, nocny marek
to sleep in – to sleep until later in the morning than you usually do, dłużej pospać
a nap – short sleep, especially during the day, drzemka
to toss and turn – to move about from side to side or turn a lot in bed, especially because you cannot sleep, przewracać się z boku na bok
to stay up – to go to bed later than usual, iść późno spać
an insomniac – someone who often finds it difficult to sleep, cierpiący na bezsenność
peace and quiet – cisza i spokój
to soothe nerves – to make someone feel calm or less worried, koić nerwy
to coin – to invent a new word or expression, or to use one in a particular way for the first time, wymyślić
bliss – perfect happiness, błogość
a snooze – sleeping for a short while, drzemka
anything but – If you say that someone or something is anything but a particular quality, you mean that the person or thing is the opposite of that particular quality, wszystko tylko nie
to yawn – to open the mouth wide and take a lot of air into the lungs and slowly send it out, usually when tired or bored, ziewać
Give me a break! – to stop criticizing, annoying or behaving in an unpleasant way to someone, daj mi spokój
conceited – too proud of yourself and your actions and abilities, zarozumiały
a rant – a long, angry and confused speech, tyrada
internal – existing or happening inside a person, object, organization, place or country, wewnętrzna

PS I hope you all know that this rant was actually a joke. I didn't mean to offend any hard-working people :). If you prefer Business English posts,  there is going to be a blog post for you soon. I wanted to put it up today but lost an internal battle with myself ;).

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!

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