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Sunday, October 30, 2011

English in Pics: Halloween Costumes


My first Halloween experience ever was when one year a group of local kids showed up at our door and left flour on our doormat. I can't remember exactly if it was because we refused to give them sweets or ignored their angry doorbell ringing or gave them fruit and raisins... I just know that at that exact moment I thought: Trick-or-treating has arrived in Poland.

Since then they have been visiting us on and off and now I know better not to mess with them and offer them sweets obligingly. They don't like to be ignored, trick-or-treaters. They're an angry lot so just give them whatever they're asking for or you will be exposed to their wrath.

On Halloween, apart from being tricked of course, you may also carve a pumpkin and put a candle inside to make a jack-o'-lantern or decorate your house with all kinds of spooky Halloween paraphernalia such as plastic figures of ghosts, skeletons or spiders. Add a festive set of bright lights for good measure. You don't want your trick-or-treaters to stumble, or god forbid, twist their ankle.

On Halloween, party people are happy to attend all sorts of Halloween-themed or fancy-dress parties. The latter see party-goers dress up as horror movie, cartoon or fairy-tale characters, famous pop stars or anyone or anything you can think of. The more creative and out there you are on that day, the better. Some girls choose to wear clothes that are very skimpy and revealing and other people may refer to them as sluts.

This weekend I went to a wedding after party (my translation of the word poprawiny). We didn't dress up though. With all the dressing up the previous day I think it would have been an overkill;). But if I could go to a fancy-dress party this year, I know which costumes I would consider wearing. Let me present you with a list of my top 7 Halloween costumes.

In no particular order:


I'm choosing a pirate costume because a) it is cool and b) it's the favourite costume of my youngest 6-year-old student. 


Three things you might need for this look are: an eyeliner, an eyepatch and a bandanna. 



People who know me well know what a crazy Harry Potter fan I am. If I could go as a witch, I would be Hermione for sure.

Clothing items and accessories to be purchased or made: a robe with the emblem of your favourite house, a wand, a striped tie, a V-neck pullover, a pleated skirt and knee-high stockings or a pair of slacks. If you dress up as Harry, don't forget a nice pair of nerdy glasses.


To feel like a princess I would dress up as Cinderella. She wears a floor-length gown with puff sleeves as if she walked the red carpet. She travels in style thanks to her pumpkin carriage and she's got a tiara on her head!!!


If I could squeeze myself into a onesie (US) or a one-piece (UK), I would definitely never miss a chance to be a cute pumpkin on Halloween.


If I were pressed for time or just plain lazy, I would pick a ghost costume. There is nothing easier than making three holes in a sheet.


If I were a guy, I would go as a regular everyday normal guy. To get this look, wear what you would normally wear as long as it's not similar to this:

or that:

For more tips and tricks watch the following video:


This is another effortless look.

Find a flannel shirt and a pair of distressed jeans; make a bindle out of a stick and a piece of fabric; smear your face and give yourself and unruly hairstyle and voila!

I hope some of you will find this post helpful. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend and stay safe on 1st November ;).


flour – mąka
a doormat – wycieraczka
to refuse – odmówić
on and off – z przerwami
to mess with – podskakiwać komuś, narażać się komuś
obligingly – uprzejmie
an (angry) lot – gniewne/ rozzłoszczone towarzystwo
exposed to somebody's wrath – być narażonym na czyjś gniew
to carve a pumpkin – rzeźbić wzory w dyni
spooky – upiorne, straszne
paraphernalia – akcesoria
a skeleton – kościotrup
festive – świąteczny
for good measure – dodatkowo
to stumble – potknąć się
god forbid – broń boże
to twist your ankle – skręcić nogę w kostce
to attend (parties) – chodzić (na imprezy)
-themed – o motywie przewodnim
a fancy-dress party – ball przebierańców
to dress up as – przebierać się za
fairy-tale – baśniowe
out there – zwiariowany, dziwny
skimpy – skąpy, kusy
revealing – skąpy, kusy
sluts – puszczalskie
an overkill – za dużo czegoś
in no particular order: w przypadkowej kolejności
a wizard – czarodziej
a witch – czarodziejka/ czarownica
a clothing item – część stroju
to purchase – kupić
a robe – tut. szata czarodzieja
an emblem – godło
a wand – różdżka
striped – w paski
pleated – plisowany
slacks – spodnie z materiału
Cinderella – Kopciuszek
a gown – suknia
puff sleeves – bufiaste rękawy
a carriage – karoca, powóz
a tiara – diadem
to squeeze (myself) into – wcisnąć się w
a onesie/ one-piece – ubranko jednoczęściowe dla dziecka
be pressed for time – nie mieć czasu
a hobo – włóczęga
effortless – niewymagający wysiłku
distressed – poszarpane
to smear – ubrudzić, umazać
fabric – materiał
unruly – w nieładzie

All the best to the young couple Kasia and Bartek. Wishing you a beautiful life together :).

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