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Sunday, October 9, 2011

TV Shows: House

I am pretty sure that if there were somebody to conduct a poll on favourite TV series characters, House would top the list. Why? Because he is a) cool, b) a doctor and c) a rebel – all three in one.

We look past his horrendous bedside manner, obnoxious behaviour and childish egoism. We ignore the fact that every chance he has, he teases Cuddy about her love life and sabotages Wilson's relationships with women. He is very skilled in putting people down and does it with alarming pleasure too.

On the other hand, we love House's analytical mind and how he uses it to answer the only question that really matters: What disease is the patient suffering from? We enjoy the practical jokes he plays on hospital workers, the Black jokes he never forgets to deliver and the fun he has while bossing his team around.

I personally like House because he's cool. He isn't young, rich or even healthy but he acts like everyone around wants a piece of him. “I'm the shit,” he must think to himself and “I don't care about anything”. 


Yet under all this badass attitude, there is a doctor who will go to any lengths to solve the puzzle and cure his patient. He's done that in the past and he does it in the season's première after which, especially after the last scene, you are going to think: Wow, that is so like House.

to conduct a poll – przeprowadzić ankietę
a TV series – serial
to top the list – zająć pierwsze miejsce
to look past – ignorować coś, nie zwracać na coś uwagi
horrendous – straszliwy
bedside manner – sposób w jaki lekarz traktuje chorego
obnoxious – chamski
to tease somebody about something – dokuczać komuś
sabotage something – udaremniać coś
put people down – poniżać ludzi
alarming – niepokojojący
a disease – choroba
a practical joke – kawał, psikus
to boss somebody around – dyrygować kimś
I'm the shit – jestem zajebisty
badass – tut. szelmowski :)
to go to any lengths – dołożyć wszelkich starań
a puzzle – zagadka
to cure – wyleczyć
Wow, that is so like House – To w stylu Housea.

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