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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Story of My Life: Shopping for Gifts

I love getting people gifts. It's not that I do it often. I don't, but when I decide to buy someone a present I really put my heart into it. On paper or in my head, I list items that would be suitable for this particular person and then narrow them down to my top three. In the shopping centre, I walk for hours on end looking for them, rushing from shop to shop, reading labels and tags, and making mental notes about prices, sizes, and colours and then when my head starts spinning and my legs are killing me I realise that the perfect gift was actually this one thing I saw in the first shop ...


What people say when they receive a gift is usually: “awwwwww, you shouldn't have”! And that is no good for me. I dont't want to hear that!!!  For one thing, I usually know what I shouldn't have done and that is definitely not getting you something! (It's eating this candy bar right after having breakfast!) Spending time on looking for a perfect gift for you and then giving it to you and seeing you smile in gratitude is something I should do. It's something we should all do. No exceptions! :P

get somebody a gift – kupić komuś prezent
put my heart into – włożyć w coś serce
items – przedmioty
narrow them down to – zawężać listę do
for hours on end – godzinami
rushing – spiesząc się
spin – wirować
you shouldn't have – nie powinnaś była (dosłownie), niepotrzebnie
for one thing – po pierwsze
a candy bar – batonik

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