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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Story of My Life: Getting Old

The inspiration for today's post was my little student, a fourth-grader. She is always very critical of the materials we cover in our classes and life in general and never fails to comment on songs (a catchy tune or not), pictures (“Is this boy really 13? He looks more like 30 to me.”), my makeup (“I like your makeup today very much.”) or even my age. Recently she has told me that when we first met she was expecting to see an ugly old lady ;).

However, that was nothing out of the ordinary. What made me laugh, though, was a comment she made on the same day and it was about people who are now in their 20's or 30's. She jokingly said that in her head she always thinks that they must have grown up during the war. She was also very surprised to learn that as children my friends and I knew and used joysticks. (For young people out there who only know their pads, here's a picture of a joystick:)

Now that makes me wonder how I really feel about my age. Let's see then.

Exhibit A: It was not long ago when trying to buy a can of my favourite sweet beer I always got carded. That doesn't happen any more. LOL.

 Exhibit B: On my last girls' night I asked my girlfriends: “Does this scarf make me look old?” They said: “No!”

But all jokes aside, I also think that no matter how old we are, we should think of ourselves as young. Why? Because it's just better than worrying about each passing year. As long as we can pull off a jeans-and-a-t-shirt look and still feel fabulous, I think we're fine. And in Barney Stinson's voice, we are awesome.

a fourth-grader – czwartoklasistka
to cover materials – przerabiać materiały
a catchy tune  wpadająca w ucho melodia
makeup (make-up) – makijaż
nothing out of the ordinary – nic nadzwyczajnego
in their 20's – mający dwadzieścia parę lat
jokingly – w żartach
They must have grown up... – na pewno dorastali
an exhibit: dowód rzeczowy
a can – puszka
get carded – być poproszonym o okazanie dowodu osobistego
a girls' night – babskie wyjście
all jokes aside – żarty na bok
passing – upływający
pull off – tut. dobrze wyglądać w


  1. Isn't it sad when we start think about our age this way? We really become older ;-)

    I have quite different problem... I don't think about myself as over 30 woman. I'm still like a child in my mind (OK, not like a child, but teenager ... ). It is not a problem when you are among friends, but in a business situation? Let's imagine myself preparing for business meeting. I put a nice clothes (jacket, skirt, high-heels, make-up etc.). I feel great, as a professional and... I walk into the conference room with my client and a stupid thought come to my mind: "What am I doing here?" ... I find myself as a teenager with a terrible mass in my head.

    Will I be able to be professional businesswoman? Maybe... when I will be 50 ;-)

  2. Thank you for your input, Anonymous :)

    I can totally relate.

    Let's hope that other people can't access our internal battles and what they see are hardcore pros wearing serious expressions on their faces ;)