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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Story of My Life: Screw Calm and Get Creative

I was having a lesson the other day and my student was telling me how after being wrongfully fined for not having a train ticket, she got really angry and frustrated. To occupy her thoughts, while still being stuck on the train, she started working. As you can imagine, the task was pretty hard. 


Surprisingly, though, she came up with plenty of ideas to use in her work as a coach. Not only did she overcome her frustration but she also turned this unfortunate event into a personal triumph.

That brings us to the conclusion that one – provided you try hard enough, you can turn a bad experience into a good one and two – in order to be creative you need this extra push. You need to be a little anxious, frustrated and on edge to come up with fresh ideas. You can't be content with where you are in life at that very moment because that doesn't stimulate your brain enough and your ideas may turn out bland and uninspiring.

When you have turned all your anger and negative emotions into productivity and got the solutions you were looking for, you may sit back and have a cookie because you have just won a big battle ;).

wrongfully- niesprawiedliwie
be fined – zostać ukaranym mandatem, grzywną
occupy one's thoughts – zająć czymś myśli
be stuck – ugrzęznać, nie móc się ruszyć
overcome – pokonać, przezwyciężyć
provided – pod warunkiem, że
extra push – dodatkowa motywacja
on edge – zdenerwowany
content with someting – zadowolony
bland – nijaki
uninspiring – niebudzący zachwytu
sit back – usiąść wygodnie

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