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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

random word of the day: ALL THINGS

random word of the day: ALL THINGS – wszystko na temat, wszystko związanie z (everything related to)

(1) I love all things computers and am particularly interested in video editing, graphics, programming, flash/animations, and gaming.

(2) Fashion.net is an epicenter for all things fashion. Informative and unbiased, it links you to the best sources for fashion news.

(3) Discover all about what makes England special. From past times to cuisine to famous landmarks, find out about all things English.

(4) Equally important, applicants should be organized, energetic, and motivated about all things economics!

(5) CookingClarified.com is your resource for all things cooking! A tasty mix of food know-how and how-to, Cooking Clarified will teach readers the A-B-C’s of cooking — simple, straightforward, concise.

particularly – szczególnie (especially, more than usual)

gaming – playing video games

an epicenter for – centrum (the absolute centre of)

informative – bogate w informacje (providing a lot of useful information)

unbiased – bezstronny, obiektywny (objective)

a source – źródło (something that supplies information)

cuisine – kuchnia (food)

landmarks – zabytki (famous places)

to find out about  – dowiedzieć się o czymś  (to learn about)

equally important – równie ważne (as much important as )

a resource for – pomoc dydaktyczna (something that can be used for support or help)

know-how – praktyczna wiedza  (practical knowledge)

how to – instrukcje, polecenia (detailed instruction)

the A-B-C’s of – abc (basic information)

straightforward – prosty, łatwy w zrozumieniu (easy to understand, simple)

concise – zwięzły (not using too many words, short and sweet)

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