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Monday, January 7, 2013

random word of the day: ON PRINCIPLE

random word of the day: ON PRINCIPLE – z zasady (according to a moral rule or personal belief) 

(1) On principle, I never say anything that another person is obviously trying to get me to say. My first wedding ceremony took two hours, because after the priest said ‘repeat after me’ I fell silent.

(2) On principle I refuse to put the heating on until the end of October. I simply up my soup consumption.

(3) On principle I don't help people split up land when it will hurt another family member who depends on it for their business.  There are plenty of other lawyers who will do a better job of that than me.

(4) Zabini did not make any sign of recognition or greeting, nor did Harry or Neville: Gryffindor and Slytherin students loathed each other on principle.

(5) Appropriate travel attire is key. I don’t care if you’re on your way to a tropical destination, you aren’t there yet. Dress like a beach bum when you get there. And, on principle, I don’t trust any man who naturally gravitates toward sleeveless attire.

obviously – najwyraźniej (easily to see)
to get somebody to say something – nakłonić kogoś,żeby coś powiedział (to persuade somebody to do something)
to fall silent – zamilknąć (to stop talking)
to put the heating on – włączyć ogrzewanie (to turn on the heating)
to up my soup consumption – jeść więcej zupy (to eat more soup)
to up – zwiększyć (to increase)
to split up (land) – dzielić (to divide between people)
to depend on something for somebody’s business, life, happiness, etc. – czyjaś firma/działalność, czyjeś życie/szczęście zależy od (to need something in order to have a successful business/life/happiness)
recognition – rozpoznanie (showing that you know somebody/something)
greeting – powitanie (saying ‘hello’)
nor – ani
to loathe – nie cierpieć (to hate)
appropriate – odpowiedni (suitable)
key – kluczowy (very important)
a beach bum – osoba, która lubi leniuchować na plaży (someone who spends a lot of time lazing about at the beach)
sleeveless – bez rękawów (without sleeves)
an attire – strój (an outfit)
destination – cel podróży (the place where you’re travelling)
to gravitate towards: tu: bardzo lubić (to like a lot, to be attracted to something)

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