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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

random word of the day: A LOOKER

random word of the day:  A LOOKER – ślicznotka, przystojniak, ciacho ;) (someone or something that is attractive, pleasant to the eye)

(1) ‘Well, he's a bit of a looker, isn't he?' My mum said, holding her hand to her chest. 'Mum, please, shut up. He's my teacher. I do not want you dating him! Or even flirting! I warn you, mum!’

(2) Well, Mama Hil (Hillary Duff) obliged today, posting an image of her little man (her baby boy) – and he's quite a looker!

(3) Meet the Renault Clio Sport! She's definitely a looker and full of charm and also very va va voom! #Renault Clio

(4) She's definitely a looker, but it's more than that with her. Her alma mater is Harvard for gosh sakes. I'd love to have a conversation with her.

(5)"I was quite a looker when I was young!" Grandma said with a smile.

to oblige (somebody) – wyświadczyć grzeczność/ przysługę (to please or help someone, especially by doing something they have asked you to do)
charm – urok, czar (a quality which makes you like or feel attracted to someone or something)
va va voom – atrakcyjność, seksapil   (the quality of being interesting, exciting, or sexually appealing)
your alma mater – ukończona przez kogoś uczelnia  (the school, college or university where you studied)
for gosh sakes (also: for God’s sake or more informally for God’s sakes (US) – na miłość boską

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