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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Story of My Life: The Perks of Being a Non-Driver

Hi guys!

I’ve just realised that we are halfway through January and I haven’t talked to you about my New Year’s resolutions!!!!! How appalling!!!

I’m here, though, to rectify my mistake and keep you in the loop. I know you’re all madly interested in that kind of thing. Aren’t ya? :)

As far as the over 18 crowd, there are roughly two kinds of people: drivers and non-drivers. Drivers drive and non-drivers use public transport, cycle or, what’s even worse, walk :D

be halfway through – mieć połowę czegoś za sobą (one half of something has passed)
a resolution – postanowienie  (a promise to yourself)
appalling – bulwersujące, przerażające (shocking and very bad)
to rectify – naprawić (to correct, to make right)
to keep somebody in the loop – tu: informować kogoś o istotnych faktach (to provide someone with sufficient relevant information)
the over 18 crowd – people over 18 years of age
roughly – mniej więcej (approximately)

I am a non-driver. Both by choice and circumstances. I love walking. Whenever I have enough time and energy, I walk. I walk and I listen to my trusty MP3 player. I walk, listen, lip-synch to my favourite music, think, drink coffee and at such times I couldn’t be happier. I kid you not.

However, I’m also an adult and sometimes, (more and more often these days), there are places I need to be at that are not within a walking distance from where I live. And that, to be quite honest, sucks :)

You won’t know that, but I did a driving course a couple of years ago. Long story short, things just didn’t work out and I am still WITHOUT a driving licence. Therefore, my resolution for 2013 is to give driving one more shot and see if it works for me. I really hope it does.

But let’s say that it doesn’t and I will forever be forced to use public transport, walk and occasionally call a taxi. Here’s what is going to cheer me up when that happens.

by choice – z wyboru (because you choose to do so)
by circumstances – z powodu okoliczności (because the general situation makes you do it)
trusty – wierny, wypróbowany (able to be trusted, especially because of having been owned and used for a long time).
to lip-synch – śpiewać z playbacku, tu: udawać, że się śpiewa, robić rybę (to open your mouth as if to sing, without actually making a sound)
I kid you not – na serio (I'm not kidding.)
within a walking distance – w pobliżu, gdzie można dojść pieszo (not far so that you can walk there)
long story short – w skrócie (not getting into details)
a driving licence – prawo jazdy (also US: a driver’s license, AUS: a driver’s licence)
to give something a shot – spróbować czegoś (to try something)
to be forced to – być zmuszonym (to have to do something because of the situation)
to cheer somebody up – pocieszyć, poprawić humor (to make someone feel better)


Running after busses keeps you fit.
Walking to the bus stop keeps you fit.
Freezing your butt off at a bus stop burns calories and therefore keeps you fit.
Since you are not the driver, you can totally space out and don’t have to worry about a thing.
The vehicle you travel in is big. Almost like a stretch limo.
You can socialise on a bus.
You can read a book on a bus.
You can listen to your MP3 player on a bus.
Bus fares are much cheaper than the cost of insurance, petrol and repairs.
You’ve got a taxi guy and you’re practically friends now.

pros – zalety (advantages)
to keep somebody fit – zapewniać formę (to make you stay in shape)
to space out – odpływać, tracić kontakt z rzeczywistością (to daydream, to lose contact with reality)
a vehicle – pojazd (a car, a truck, a bike, etc.)
a stretch limo – przedłużana limuzyna (a large expensive car that has been specially made longer to provide extra space or seats and is used by very rich, famous or important people)
a fare – opłata za przejazd, cena biletu (the price of the ticket)


You become a sloth, who can’t be bothered to take a walk anywhere. I mean ANYWHERE.
You even feel the need to drive to the grocery store that is just round the corner.
Due to lack of exercise, you get fat.
You spend a fortune on gym membership.
Gym doesn’t seem to be of much help. You’re still fat. 
Others can't drive as well as you do.
You develop road rage.
You are too lazy to compile a playlist and burn it onto a CD. Instead, you listen to the crappiest songs on the radio.
All you do is complain about petrol prices going up.
You stop drinking at parties because getting home in your car is just too damn comfortable.
You have your car repair guy on speed dial.

cons – wady (disadvantages)
a sloth – leniwiec (a mammal that moves slowly and lives in trees)
I can’t be bothered to – Nie chce mi się … (I don’t have the energy to do it and I don’t feel it’s important to)
just round the corner – tuż za rogiem (very close)
due to – z powodu (because of)
gym membership – karnet na siłownię
road rage – agresywne zachowanie w czasie jazdy (aggressive behaviour while driving)
to compile (a list) – skompilować, zestawić  (to collect)
the crappiest – the worst
on speed dial – na liście numerów, z którymi łączę się za pomocą jednego przycisku (one click of a button away)
to feel blue – to feel sad

These should be enough if I feel blue next year, don’t you think?
Feel free to add your ideas ;)
But most importantly, stay safe!



  1. Another pro to being a non-driver is no fear of hitting another living being, especially human.

  2. I have to agree with you :)