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Monday, October 29, 2012

random word of the day: FREEZE MY BUTT OFF

random word of the day: FREEZE MY BUTT OFF – odmrażać sobie tyłek (to be very cold, so cold you can’t feel your bottom)

(1) It’s snowing out there. You must be freezing your butt off. Come inside and get warm.
(2) Even with a sweater, hat and long pants I'm freezing my butt off today. I've washed my hands in hot water half a dozen times just to keep my circulation going.
(3) Alaska. Yes, it's cold here. But I will freeze my butt off for a view like this one!
(4) My favorite season is spring. Not too hot and not to cold. It's the right temperature for me. I hate winter because I hate freezing my butt off.

pants – trousers
dozen – twelve
half a dozen – six
circulation – krążenie (the movement of blood around the body)

short and sweet – krótki i zwięzły (concise)
to justify – uzasadnić (to give a good reason for)
overpriced – przedrożony (too expensive)
out and about – poza domem (active; doing the things you usually do)
that comes to my mind – który przychodzi mi na myśl (that I can think of)

Hi guys!

Today’s post is short and sweet and it perfectly sums up how I feel right know, particularly example (4) :)

The only plus of cold weather I can think of is that I can finally justify spending money on overpriced coffee when I’m out and about :D 

(One of my bad habits.)

 Yeah, that’s about the only positive thing that comes to my mind ;)

Stay warm!


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