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Thursday, October 25, 2012

random word of the day: A HAUNTED CORN MAZE

Hi guys,

Today’s word is a popular Halloween/ autumn attraction.
It sounds exciting, but judging by my only visit to a haunted house many years ago, a haunted corn maze would leave me psychologically scarred :)
What do you think? Do you have the guts to enter a haunted corn maze? :)

random word of the day: a HAUNTED CORN MAZE – upiorny labirynt w polu kukurydzy (a labyrinth in a cornfield featuring scary props and people dressed up as zombies, vampires, etc.)

(1) We go to the haunted corn maze every year - I don't mind getting lost until the creepy guy with the chainsaw starts chasing us.

(2) Haunted corn mazes are a fun activity for a group of friends who are too old for trick or treating and still want something fun to do on Halloween besides hand out candy.

(3) I just got back from a haunted corn maze, and long  story short, there were gory clowns with chainsaws chasing people, including little five- year-olds.  They were crying, and screaming.  I bet they won’t be sleeping for weeks.

scarred – okaleczony (injured)
to have the guts to – mieć odwagę ( to be brave enough to do something)
a prop – rekwizyt (an object used by actors)
dressed up as – przebrani za (wearing costumes making them look like)
creepy – przyprawiający o gęsią skórkę (strange and frightening)
to chase – gonić (to run after)
long story short – w skrócie, krótko mówiąc (without all the details)
gory – krwawy (involving violence and blood)
I bet – założę się, że (I’m sure that)


See you in my next post!


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