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Sunday, October 21, 2012

random word of the day: Intro and Week's Recap

Hi guys!

It feels a bit weird to be blogging again but exciting at the same time :) Are you excited?!!!!! Maybe just a little bit, which is good enough for me.

I have tried to update my Facebook page regularly and have been pretty successful at it, but I have definitely been neglecting this place. Oh well, the two of you who follow this blog will let it pass, I’m sure, won’t you?

to neglect – zaniedbywać (to give not enough care or attention to people or things that are your responsibility)
Oh well – trudno (used when something is mildly disappointing, but not enough to obsess about)
to let it pass – przymknąć oko (to let something go unnoticed or unchallenged)

Now, I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep, because that’s what most bloggers do and I prefer to be more original than that :P So what I will say is this: I’m going to start posting RANDOM WORDs OF THE DAY here just to keep this place alive. Whenever I can, I will try to add a little bit of a background story on why I’ve chosen a given word or why I think you should find it interesting or funny :P I might treat you with an extra pic too (with Facebook I usually go for just one pic.) Oh, and I will try to provide translation for more tricky words.

a background story – dodatkowe informacje/szczegóły (extra information)
tricky – trudne (problematic)

 Facebook people – don’t worry. You will be able to follow all the randomness the usual way.  Nothing is going to change there : )

And just to give you a taste of what RANDOM WORD OF THE DAY is, here’s a recap of last week’s words ;)

a recap (short for ‘recapitulation') – podsumowanie (a summary)


random word of the day: BITE THE BULLET – zacisnąć zęby (to force yourself to do something unpleasant or difficult or to be brave in a difficult situation)
 (1) Ok, I'm going to bite the bullet and watch this 'Marley & Me' nonsense that you ladies are all raving about. But if I shed one goddam tear
(2) I have the 2nd edition and was wondering if that was good enough or do I need to bite the bullet and pay for the 4th edition. Any input?
(3) People my age (25) need to stop getting engaged, married or popping out babies. Or. One of you lady-folk needs to just bite the bullet already and be my girl.
(4) I know that's easier said than done, but you have to bite the bullet ASAP.
(5) I hate going to the dentist, but I suppose I'll just have to bite the bullet.

to rave about – zachwycać się (to praise something very much)
to shed a tear – uronić łzę (to cry)
goddam (or goddamn) – cholerny (used for emphasis, esp. to express anger or frustration)

input – wkład, opinia (contribution, opinion)
lady-folk – ladies
easier said than done – łatwiej powiedzieć niż zrobić
ASAP – as soon as possible


random word of the day: CANDY CORN – a small piece of candy shaped like a kernel of corn; popular around Halloween
(1) Picked up my bag of candy corn tonight! So excited. I let myself get one bag every year and try to make it last as long as I can.
(2) Drew got it in his head that he had to have some candy corn. We checked Walmart and Target but apparently it is only stocked during the Halloween season. (3) Candy corn is interesting. A lot of people vocally hate it and act like it's the most vile candy on the planet. Meanwhile, many others really enjoy it.
(4) Candy Corn flavored Oreos have hit store shelves across the country.
(5) I hate candy corn, so I will pass, even though I love Oreos.

a kernel – ziarnko (a seed)
to pick up – kupić (to buy)
to be stocked – być na stanie, w sprzedaży (in the shop ready to be bought)
vocally – głośno, otwarcie (openly)
vile – wstrętny, obrzydliwy (awful, gross)
to hit store shelves – pojawić się w sklepach (become available in shops)
I will pass – To ja podziękuję/ Wstrzymam się


random word of the day: PG-13 – niektóre materiały mogą być nieodpowiednie dla osób poniżej 13 roku życia (za zgodą rodziców) (rating of a movie indicating that some material may be inappropriate for children under 13 or any content of a similar nature)
(1) “The Hunger Games,” which is adapted from a New York Times best-selling novel, received a PG-13 rating despite its graphic violence.
(2) Are you glad to hear Breaking Dawn will stay PG-13 instead of going R-rated?
(3) And please folks, let's keep it PG-13. This is a family website, so no f-bombs, please.
(4) This is food that's good enough to swear about (but we'll keep it PG-13 around here).

indicating that – wskazujący na to, że (signalling that)
content – treści
graphic (violence) – drastyczna (clear and powerful)
R-rated – dzieciom poniżej 17 roku życia musi towarzyszyć rodzic lub opiekun (Restricted – children under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian)
f-bombs – przekleństwa (f-words)


random word of the day: NO CAN DO – nie da rady (no way; I/you can’t do it; that’s impossible)
 (1) Gave up meat = no problem. Gave up all drinks except water = no problem. But chocolate, no can do!!!
(2) I called and asked to change my payment date. “No can do,” says a rep.
(3)    – A few beers, roast dinner… Proper Sunday, y'know?
           How's that sound?
– No can do, mate. I'm flying to Las Vegas on Sunday…
(4)     – Father, may I watch television with Steve?
­­– No can do, Son. You got an A-minus in Biology. You get that grade up, I'll let you watch a full hour of Fox News or City Council meetings on channel 36.
– Great! I'll go hit the books!

a rep – przedstawiciel (a representative)
How’s that sound? – What do you think?
to get a grade up – poprawić ocenę
City Council meetings – obrady rady miasta
to hit the books – to start studying


random word of the day: A PROBLEM SHARED IS A PROBLEM HALVED – dosł. problem dzielony to połowa problemu (if you tell someone about a problem, it is easier to deal with)
(1) As I said, a problem shared is a problem halved. If you talk about your problems, it will make you feel better.
(2) Care to share? A problem shared is a problem halved.
(3) A problem shared is a problem halved, or is it? Bonding over negatives may be one way to connect, but it sure isn't healthy.
 (4)Yeah - I’m not a big supporter of this saying. I mean first of all, it makes the assumption that things will get less problematic. From personal experience, a problem shared is sometimes a problem doubled. Or even tripled. Or quadrupled. Or quintupled.
(5) – I have a 16v gti Golf. Is there any way to stop my speedometer ticking? – Mine does that (1.6 driver). No idea what causes it. This won't help you at all but just to let you know you’re not alone in your problem (a problem shared is a problem halved – my ass).

Care to share? – Would you like to talk about it with me?
to bond – tworzyć więzi emocjonalne (to become closer)
my ass – jasne (yeah, right)


random word of the day: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY (US)/ BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY (UK) – spóźnione życzenia urodzinowe (something you say when it’s past someone’s birthday)
(1) Happy Belated Birthday! All the best to you.
(2) Happy Belated Birthday! I heard you had a blast!
(3) Belated Happy Birthday! :) Hope you had a great one!
(4) A very Belated Happy Birthday, I'm sorry I missed it.
 (5) And we never talk too much after I blew up. Just only ‘hello’ or ‘happy belated’.

to have a blast – świetnie się bawić (to have a lot of fun)
to blow up – stać się sławnym (to become famous, successful, and respected usually within a small amount of time)


random word of the day: CHEAT DAY – dzień, w który nie przestrzegasz diety i jesz, co chcesz (a day in the week when you don’t have to follow your regular diet)
(1) Today's my cheat day! I'm having hot cereal, pancakes, and later on it'll be french fries and rice pudding.
(2) On my cheat days I don't even log my food because I know it will really upset me to see how many calories it was!
(3) On my "cheat" days, I allow myself to have a candy bar. Caramel Twix are my favorite.
(4) My cheat day is on Saturday. For me that day is a reward for working hard at the gym and eating right all week long.

to log – zapisywać (to write down/ to record)
I allow myself to – pozwalam sobie (I let myself)

That’s all for now!

 Have a great week and see you in my next post!


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