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Monday, October 22, 2012

random word of the day: I'M CHEAP

random word of the day: CHEAP – skąpy, przesadnie oszczędny (unwilling to spend money, extremely careful with money, etc.)

(1) My husband says that I'm very cheap when it comes to tipping for services either at a restaurant or a salon.
to tip – zostawiać napiwek (to leave a small amount of extra money, usually around 

(2) The best part is, my friends don't know that I'm cheap and use Glade instead of some fancy schmancy candle, since I can peel off the label! Genius!
fancy schmancy – wydumana, ekstrawagancka (overly sophisticated, high class or extravagant)
to peel off – odkleić (to take off)
a label – etykietka (a piece of paper with the name of the brand etc.)

(3) I am very generous and consider myself romantic. However, I can be very cheap and I refuse to pay for girls if I don’t see a future with her. I think it worked out well—she isn’t such a princess and doesn’t expect too much from me.

(4) Even worse than a cheap date is a male friend complaining to you how they had to spend money on a date.

a  date – osoba, z którą idziesz na randkę (a person whom you go out with/ go on a date with)

PS. Love this word. Great for when you’re caught red-handed while buying store brand groceries or shopping at a thrift store :)

caught red-handed – złapany na gorącym uczynku (to discover someone while they are in the act of doing something bad or illegal )
store brand – z logo supermarketu (a product that is advertised with the name of the shop where you buy it, rather than the name of the company that made it)
groceries – food
a thrift store – a second-hand shop that raises money for charity

Karola :)

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