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Friday, October 26, 2012

random word of the day: SKETCHY


random word of the day: SKETCHY – podejrzany (someone or something that feels wrong and can’t be trusted; suspicious)

(1) I got a really sketchy job offer from someone on Tumblr. They need someone to deliver a package to Redlands Municipal Airport. You have to be 18 and drive.
(2) Her side of the story sounds really sketchy.
(3) Angel is full-on sketchy; she would steal the teeth out of your grandmother’s mouth if she thought she wouldn’t get caught.
(4) Not sure if this bag is real or not.  The stitching on the tag looks sketchy.
(5) I would stay away from this guy. He sounds sketchy.

her side – jej wersja (her way of interpreting something)
to sound – wydawać się (to seem)
full-on – completely/totally
stitching – szew (what connects two pieces of fabric)
a tag – metka, przywieszka (a label)
to stay away from – trzymać się z daleka od (to try not to be in the presence of someone)

Hi guys!

I wanted to write a bit more today, but my brain is fried and I can’t think of anything interesting to say ;) And, no, I haven't been too busy – I actually hate that excuse :)

I have, however, a recommendation for you: a vid of my favourite talk show host interview the First Lady Michelle Obama:

She's pretty funny and cool, isn't she? ;)

That’s all for today.

Have a great weekend!


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