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Thursday, January 3, 2013

random word of the day: FOR THE MOST PART

random word of the day: FOR THE MOST PART – przeważnie, najczęściej (mostly, usually)

(1) All you need is a computer – these games will work with Windows, Mac, and, for the most part, Linux!

(2) Throughout the show, Stinson frequently uses the expression “True Story” as an ending to theories or stories that are for the most part probably false or nonsense.

(3) Every now and then you will find that chunk of glitter that is just really stubborn, so you almost have to scratch it off, but, for the most part, it [acetone] does a really good job of removing your glitter nail polish.

(4) First of all, I am unclear as to why they are called redheads when, for the most part, their hair is bright orange. Obviously, bright orange-head doesn’t roll off the tongue the same way, but in all honesty, it should either be “orange head” or “Hawaiian Punch-head.”

(5) Most hand sanitizers I've seen in stores kill 99.99 percent of germs. Which is fantastic. I'm happy that I can buy any number of sanitizers that will keep my hands clean, for the most part. I'll tell you what I could really use, though. A hand sanitizer that kills 00.01 percent of germs. The percent that's not covered by the other sanitizers. I'm afraid of those germs. They have to be pretty strong if they're resistant to all of the sanitizers currently on the market. Those are the germs that I need the most protection from.

throughout – przez cały czas, w trakcie (during the whole period of time)
frequently – często (often)
an expression – wyrażenie (smething you say, a fixed phrase)
every now and then – od czasu do czasu (sometimes but not often)
a chunk of – pokaźny kawałek (quite a big piece)
glitter – brokat (very small pieces of shiny material used to decorate the skin or used by children to make pictures)
stubborn – uparty, tu: taki, który niełatwo usunąć (difficult to remove)
to scratch something off – zeskrobywać (to remove by using something sharp)
I’m unclear – mam wątpliwości (I’m not certain)
as to  – jeśli chodzi o (about)
a redhead – rudzielec (a person with red hair)
It rolls of the tongue – jest łatwe do wymówienia (It is easy to say/ pronounce.)
in all honesty – jeśli mam być zupełnie szczera (truthfully)
a hand sanitizer – żel antybakteryjny do rąk (a hand gel that kills bacteria)
germs – zarazki (very small organisms that cause disease)
I could really use – przydałby się (It might be good/practical to have ...)
not covered by – tu: nie usuwane przez (here: not killed by)
resistant to – odporny (not harmed or affected by something)
currently – obecnie (now)
on the market – na rynku (available)


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