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Monday, January 14, 2013

random word of the day: JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED

random word of the day: JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED – dokładnie to, czego mi/tobie/nam trzeba (exactly what is wanted or needed, especially for health or comfort)

(1) Iced tea and a delicious egg sandwich on those crazy days, it's just what the doctor ordered!!

(2) Sometimes just a scalp massage and hair blowdry or a mani pedi or facial or great brows is just what the doctor ordered.

(3) A mini getaway to old Montreal this past June was just what the doctor ordered.

(4) Movie Night!!! Woo Hoo! It was just what the doctor ordered after having a really long week.

a scalp massage – masaż skóry głowy (scalp – the skin on the top of a person's head where hair usually grows)
a hair blowdry – suszenie i ułożenie włosów (having your hair dried with a blow drier and styled)
a mani pedi – a manicure and pedicure
a facial – oczyszczanie skóry (a beauty treatment which cleans and improves the skin of the face with  creams and gentle rubbing or other more advanced methods)
brows (eyebrows) – brwi (lines of short hairs above each eye)
a getaway – krótki urlop (a short holiday)
past – miniony, ubiegły (last)
a movie night – wieczorek filmowy (late-night watching of movies together, especially on a weekend)

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