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Saturday, January 19, 2013

random word of the day: A SKI BUM

random word of the day: A SKI BUM – pracownik kurortu w górach, którego główną pasją i zajęciem jest narciarstwo (a person who lives and works at a ski resort in order to be able to ski every day)

(1) Urban Dictionary:  A SKI BUM: a skier, usually male, in his late 30's or older, who generally spends the entirety of his life at ski resorts. The rest of his life is spent sharpening skis or purchasing skis on eBay. Alternatively, he coaches a high school ski team.

the entirety of – całość (all of)
to sharpen – ostrzyć (to make something sharp or sharper)
to purchase – kupować (to buy)
to coach – trenować (to teach, to train)

(2) Bill is such a ski bum. His life consists of only two things: skiing and waiting to go skiing.

(3) /at a restaurant in Aspen, Colorado, USA, which is recruiting staff/ Alan introduced a trio of others, all young men with the look of restlessness that told her they’d not yet found their kitchens. Maybe they were ski bums, here for the access to the slopes. It was standard to offer season passes to employees (…)

restlessness – niepokój, nerwowość (worry and nervousness)
a slope – stok (the side of a hill or mountain)
a (ski) pass – karnet (a document that shows that you have paid to use the ski slopes)

(4) In some places being a ski bum is respected.  For example: in European countries, being a skiing professional such as a ski patrol [member] or ski instructor is a respectable occupation. These ski bums are paid well, appreciated, and even celebrated.  I don’t think that opinion is shared here in the good ole US of A.  When I personally opted out of grad school for ski bumming, my family was much less than ecstatic about my decision. 

respected – szanowany (treated with respect)
respectable godny szacunku, poważany (socially acceptable)
appreciated –  ceniony (understood to be valuable or important)
celebrated – sławiony, chwalony, podziwiany (praised and approved of)
ole – old
to opt out of school – rzucić szkołę albo nie podjąć nauki w szkole (to drop out of school or decide not to go to school)
a grad school – studium podyplomowe, magistrskie lub doktorancke (a school that awards advanced academic degrees (i.e. master's degrees and Ph.D. degrees) with the general requirement that students must have earned a previous undergraduate (bachelor's) degree))
for ski bumming – in order to be a ski bum

(5) Without the self-styled discounts such as those found in this guide, it will cost well over $100 per person, per day. That's way too much for most people's vacation, let alone a ski bum on a tight budget. And everybody knows that a ski bum needs to ski or ride at least fifty days each year in order to satiate the addiction.

self-styled: here: found and used by yourself
a discount – zniżka, ulga (a reduction in the usual price)
let alone – nie wspominając o (not to mention)
to satiate – nasycać, zaspokajać (to satisfy)

Example (4) comes from the following site, where you can also read about different types of ski bums:
Example (5): source: 

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