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Monday, December 31, 2012

random word fo the day: A BOTTLE OF BUBBLY

random word of the day:  A BOTTLE OF BUBBLY – butelka szampana (a bottle of champagne) 

(1) You’re probably going to be uncorking a bottle of bubbly this New Year’s Eve.

(2) Nothing says, "Celebrate" quite like a good bottle of bubbly! 

(3) Pop open a bottle of bubbly…yeah.
Here’s to another goddamn New Year.
And outside, 2 million drunk Bostonians
Are getting ready to sing Auld Lang Sine”…out of tune.

(4) Your goal this year should be to saber a bottle of bubbly. It’s when you open a bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine by popping the top of the bottle with a sword or knife or other hard objects.

(5) What Champagne should you use to ring in the New Year?  If you’re on a budget, think Crémant d’Alsace. The French have a nose for good bubbly and I’m more than willing to follow their lead.

to pop/ pop open/ uncork a bottle – otworzyć butelkę z hukiem (to open a bottle with a pop sound)
New Year’s Eve – Sylwester (31st December)
Here’s to (another New Year) … – Za (kolejny Nowy Rok) (said when asking a group of people to hold up their glasses and then drink as an expression of good wishes to someone or hope for the success of something)
goddamn – cholerny (used for emphasis, esp. to express anger or frustration)
Auld Lang Sine – tradycyjna szkocka pieśń śpiewana w wielu krajach anglojęzycznych na powitanie Nowego Roku (a Scots poem written by Robert Burns sung to the melody of a traditional folk song. In English-speaking countries, it is traditionally sung at midnight to celebrate the start of the New Year.)
to sing out of tune – fałszować (to sing off-key, to sing notes that are at the wrong pitch)
to saber – otworzyć za pomocą ostrego noża (to open with a sharp knife)
sparkling – musujące, gazowane (with bubbles, with gas)
to ring in (the New Year)powitać Nowy Rok (dzwonami) (to celebrate the start of the New Year)
be on a budget – mieć ograniczone finanse, budżet (to have limited funds)
think (Crémant d’Alsace)rozważ (think about, consider)
to have a (good) nose for – mieć nosa do (to be good at finding things of the stated type)
to follow somebody’s lead—iść za czyimś przykładem (to do as someone else does; to accept someone's guidance)

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