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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

random word of the day: SECRET SANTA

random word of the day: SECRET SANTA – tajemniczy Mikołaj (a Christmas tradition in which friends, classmates or co-workers draw names out of a hat and then they are supposed to anonymously buy a gift for the person whose name they have got)

(1) We are doing Secret Santa at work this year, spending £15. I'm at a loss at what to buy the lady I picked out. I haven't worked there long so don't know everyone that well yet. She's in her mid-40s. Throw some ideas at me please!

(2) We’ve been doing Secret Santa in our family for years now. What a relief it was to stop running around like crazy people trying to buy presents for each other – especially when we lack nothing

(3) When you have a Secret Santa at school, the teachers always think that everyone keeps their person secret, but by the end, everybody knows who’s got who.

(4) The best Secret Santa gifts are those gifts chosen with an open heart and the desire to make someone's holiday a little brighter and more special.

to draw – losować (to select randomly)
be at a loss – nie wiedzieć, jak się do czegoś zabrać (to not know what to do)
to pick out – wybrać (to choose, select)
in her mid-40s (mid-forties) – ok. 45 lat (around 45 years old)
Throw some ideas at me. – Give me some ideas.
a relief – ulga (a feeling of happiness that something unpleasant has not happened or has ended)
We lack nothing. – Niczego nam nie brakuje. (There is nothing we need and don’t have.)
to keep something secret – dotrzymać tejemnicy odnośnie czegoś (not to tell anyone about something)
a desire – pragnienie (a strong feeling of wanting something)

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