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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

random word of the day: REINDEER ANTLERS

random word of the day: REINDEER ANTLERS – poroża renifera (two horns with branch-like parts that grow on a reindeer’s head)

(1) Today, my boss made me wear reindeer antlers to promote the Christmas spirit. There are still 5 weeks till Christmas. FML.

(2) I was going to wear reindeer antlers but apparently the last one wearing them was my dog and nobody seems to know what happened with them after that.

(3) My friend invited me to his frat's Reindeer Party. The idea of the whole thing is to dress up like someone famous, put on reindeer antlers,  add 'deer' or 'doe' to their name (like Kim Kar-deer-sian or La-deer Gaga). The party is this Friday and I have yet to figure out who I want to be. Any suggestions?

(4) We both wore reindeer antlers and I wore a big red Rudolph nose with a flashing light inside while we played Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

horns – rogi
branch-like – przypominające gałęzie (looking like tree branches)
the Christmas spirit – duch świąt (the Christmas atmosphere)
apparently – najwyraźniej, najwidoczniej (what seems to be true)
a frat (short for ‘fraternity’) – bractwo (a social organization for male students at an American or Canadian college)
a deer – jeleń (a quite large animal with four legs which eats grass and leaves. The male has antlers. The female is called a hind or a doe and the male a  stag or buck.)
a doe – łania, samica jeleniowatych (the female of animals such as the deer)
I have yet to figure out … – I haven’t figured out …
to figure something out – wymyślić, wykombinować, rozgryźć  (to finally understand something or someone, or find the solution to a problem after a lot of thought)
flashing – migające (appearing and disappearing quickly) 

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