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Friday, December 14, 2012

random word of the day: AN UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER PARTY

random word of the day: AN UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER PARTY – impreza dedykowana brzydkim świątecznym swetrom (a party where everyone is required to wear a hideous holiday sweater)

(1) I know that we all have that one ugly Christmas sweater sitting in our closet, waiting to be worn to the annual ugly Christmas sweater party.

(2) Looking for something fun to do? How about going to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party?  They're fun, festive, and frightfully tacky!

(3) The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party at the Commodore Hotel in Vancouver started it all! Their invites read "The biggest, wildest, sweateriest bash of the season". It’s the most fun you can have with your knitwear on.

be required to do something – mieć obowiązek, musieć (to have to do something)
hideous – paskudny, wstrętny (extremely ugly)
annual – doroczny (happening every year)
frightfully – bardzo, strasznie (very)
tacky – tandetny (in bad style)
an invite – zaproszenie (an invitation)
a bash – impreza, balanga (a party)
a knitwear – dzianina tu: sweter (a sweater, jumper) 

(4) The uglier the sweater, the better the party.

(5) In addition to the ugly Christmas sweater party, we have a white elephant gift, in which everyone must bring something (horrible and of no use) that was given to them which they hate and want to get rid of

(6) You’re invited to a special bash
And here’s your chance to make a splash:
Be sure to wear a Christmas sweater,
The uglier it is, the better.

So mug a grandma, trawl a thrift shop,
An elegant choice would be a flop.
The most obnoxious earns the praise;
Celebrate the kitschy side of the holidays!

The uglier the sweater, the better the party. – Im brzydszy sweter, tym lepsza impreza.
of no use – bezużyteczny (useless)
to get rid of something – pozbyć się czegoś (to throw something away)
to make a splash – odnieść sukces, wybić się (to become suddenly very successful or very well known)
to mug – napadać (to attack in a public place and steal something)
to trawl something – przeszukać (to search)
a thrift shop – a second hand shop that raises money for the poor
a flop – klapa (a fiasco)
obnoxious – okropny, wstrętny (extremely ugly and attracting people’s attention)
to earn the praise – zasłużyć sobie na pochwałę (to deserve compliments)
kitschy – kiczowaty (ugly, in bad taste, without style)


  1. This is a fun topic. I'd love to go to an Ugly Sweater party someday :)

  2. też całkiem niedawno pisałam o brzydkich swetrach :) ten temat zdecydowanie robi się coraz popularniejszy! Tym fajniej poczytać o nim ze strony językowej i wrzucić do głowy kilka nowych słówek. Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

  3. Brzydkie swetry to temat rzeka :D
    Dziękuję i również pozdrawiam ;)
    Zapisałam się też do Twojego bloga, żeby poczytać, co porabiasz w Stanach ;)