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Saturday, December 22, 2012

random word of the day: A LUMP OF COAL

random word of the day:  A LUMP OF COAL – bryła węgla (what naughty kids get from Santa instead of sweets and toys)

(1) Are you on Santa's naughty or nice list? Will you be getting what you want for Christmas, or a lump of coal?

(2) The naughty ones might find a lump of coal, whereas the nice ones might get an Xbox or something fancy.

(3) Wow. Looks like someone is getting a lump of coal for Christmas. Of course, you can always use the coal to heat the house, so I guess it's a Merry Christmas for everyone after all.

(4) With a sprinkle of glitter and the scent of brisk peppermint, this useful "lump of coal" soap is the perfect stocking stuffer for the naughty or nice people in your life!

(5) We were getting a few stocking stuffers later on, including a chocolate lump of coal. Seen those? It's chocolate, wrapped to look like a lump of coal. Pretty damn clever, those lumps of coal are.

naughty – niegrzeczne (bad, badly behaved)
whereas – podczas gdy (but)
fancy – drogie,  wyszukane (expensive, sophisticated)
to heat – ogrzać (to make something warmer)
after all – mimo wszystko (despite earlier problems or doubts)
a sprinkle of – odrobina, szczypta (a very small amount of something)
glitter – brokat, blask (very small pieces of shiny material used to decorate the skin or used by children to make pictures/shine)
a scent – zapach (smell)
brisk – orzeźwiająca (refreshing)
peppermint – mięta (the usual toothpaste flavour/scent)
wrapped – zapakowany (packaged)
Pretty damn clever! – Jakie pomysłowe! (How creative is that?)



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