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Sunday, December 2, 2012

random word of the day: AN ADVENT CALENDAR

random word of the day: AN ADVENT CALENDAR – kalendarz adwentowy (a calendar  used to count the days until Christmas with 24 windows that hide pictures, chocolate or small gifts. Since only one window can be opened each day, moderation is to be used.

(1)  I remember being frustrated by advent calendars when I was a little kid. They emphasized to me how slowly Christmas was coming. 

(2) Get your Advent Calendar 2012 and try to resist the temptation to peek ahead!

(3) My grandson loved this advent calendar much better than a chocolate one. Will definitely be buying another Lego advent calendar next year.

(4) Sure to be an instant sell-out, this exclusive beauty advent calendar is packed with 24 miniature treats from all of your favourite beauty brands.

(5) It’s best to receive your advent calendar on December 6th, because then you can indulge by opening six windows at a time.

since – skoro, ponieważ (because, as)
moderation – umiar (doing something within reasonable limits)
to emphasize – podkreślać (to highlight, to make something more obvious)
to resist the temptation – oprzeć się pokusie (to fight a strong feeling of wanting to do something)
to peek ahead – podglądać, żeby zobaczyć, co co pojawi się później (to look quickly in order to see what’s coming)
instant – natychmiastowy (immediate)
a sell-out – produkt, który szybko znika z półek (a product that sells so well that it can no longer be found in shops)
a treat – prezent (a gift)
to indulge – dogadzać sobie (to allow yourself to have something enjoyable, especially more than is good for you)
six at a time –  sześć naraz  (at one time)

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