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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

random word of the day: A GINGERBREAD HOUSE

random word of the day: A GINGERBREAD HOUSE – domek z piernika (a house made of brown cake, decorated with different types of candy/sweets)

(1) The kids had a lot of Halloween candy, so I decided to make a gingerbread house for Christmas to use it up.

(2) The Gingerbread House is where Hansel and Gretel are nearly eaten by the evil witch.

(3) Make A Beautiful And Sturdy Gingerbread House In Time For Christmas.

(4) I love gingerbread houses. They make the house smell so nice.

(5) One year, my younger siblings and I decided to make a gingerbread house for Christmas. Since this was in the days before gingerbread kits or Internet access, we had to rely solely on our own creativity and my mother’s cookbooks. We muddled through: rolled out the dough and baked our walls. We used a thick icing to glue it all together and decorated the house with so much candy that any imperfections were impossible to see. We were so proud of our creation that we wouldn’t let anyone eat it. Instead, we displayed it in the living room for all our visitors to see.

(6) Realized: A gingerbread man with a house made of gingerbread is like a person with a house made from people.

to use something up – zużyć, wykorzystać (to finish a supply of something)
Hansel and Gretel – Jaś i Małgosia (the characters of the famous fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm)
nearly – prawie (almost)
evil – zła (bad)
a witch – czarownica, Baba Jaga ;) (an old and ugly woman who knows magic)
sturdy – solidny, wytrzymały (strong and thick and unlikely to break)
in time – na czas (early enough)
siblings – rodzeństwo (brothers and sisters)
since – ponieważ, jako że (because)
a gingerbread kit – zestaw do pieczenia (ozdób z) piernika (a set of things needed for baking gingerbread decorations)
Internet access – dostęp do internetu (the possibility of using the Internet)
to rely on something/ somebody – polegać na czymś/kimś, liczyć na coś/kogoś (to need a particular thing or the help and support of someone or something in order to continue, to work correctly, or to succeed)
solely – jedynie, wyłącznie (only, exclusively)

to muddle through – jakoś sobie radzić/ mimo bałaganu/ braku orientacji/ (to manage to do something although you are not organized and do not know how to do it)
to roll out – rozwałkować (to make something flat)
dough – ciasto (flour mixed with water and often yeast (drożdże), fat or sugar so that it is ready for baking)
thick – gęsty (not flowing easily)
icing – lukier (a sweet food used to cover or fill cakes, made from sugar and water or sugar and butter, frosting)
to display – wystawiać na pokaz (to arrange something so that it can be seen by the public)
to realize/ realise – zdać sobie sprawę (to become aware of something, to suddenly understand)



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  1. Hej,
    sama pieczesz czy kupujesz te wszystkie domki, które pokazujesz?
    Są suuuuper:-)