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Sunday, December 23, 2012

random word of the day: MILK, COOKIES AND A CARROT

random word of the day: MILK, COOKIES AND A CARROT – mleko, ciasteczka i marchewka (what you leave for Santa and the reindeer as a thank you for the gifts)

(1) I have always left a glass of brandy and a mince pie for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph. But I have recently been having conversations with a few friends and they all leave milk. I am worried that my kids are going to think I am encouraging drink  driving/ sleighing!

(2) I leave milk and a mince pie, which only ever has one bite missing out of it in the morning; Santa would get too big to fit down all the chimneys!

(3) We left cookies and milk and we also sprinkled "reindeer" food on the front yard, which was oatmeal and glitter.

(4) We leave cookies and milk for Santa, carrot sticks and an apple for the reindeer and in the front yard we leave reindeer food for good measure.  We go hard for the fat man! 

(5) Leave the milk and cookies for Santa. A carrot for Rudolph? How about a bunch of carrots for the other eight reindeer? And how about a package or two of Keebler's cookies for the elves at the North Pole? And how about Mrs. Claus? I'm sure she'd like a scarf or something.

as a thank you for – w podziękowaniu za (to thank for)
a mince pie – babeczka z nadzieniem bakaliowym spożywana w okresie Bożego Narodzenia (a small round pastry tart filled with mincemeat /bakaliowe nadzienie/)
to encourage – promować  (to promote)
drink driving (UK)/ drunk driving (US) – jazda pod wpływem alkoholu (driving a vehicle after drinking alcohol)
sleighing – jazda saniami (travelling by a vehicle pulled by horses, reindeer or dogs)
a bite – kęs (a small amount of food)
to have one bite missing – nadgryziony (when someone/somebody has eaten just a small part of something)
to fit down all the chimneys – przecisnąć się przez wszystkie kominy (to be able to go through all the chimneys)
to sprinkle – posypać (to drop a few pieces of something over a surface)
the front yard – teren/ ogródek przed domem (the area in front of the house)
oatmeal – płatki owsiane (what you need to make porridge)
glitter – brokat (very small pieces of shiny material used to decorate the skin or used by children to make pictures)
carrot sticks – obrana surowa marchew (raw carrots peeled and cut into sticks)
for good measure – dodatkowo (in addition, adding a little more to make sure there is enough)
to go hard – dawać z siebie wszystko (to do one’s best, to do something at one’s full potential)
a bunch of carrots – pęk marchwi (a group of carrots fastened together)
elves (an elf) – elfy (Santa’s helpers)
the North Pole – Biegun Północny (the point on the Earth's surface which is furthest north)
Mrs. Claus/ Mrs Claus pani Claus (Santa’s wife)

MINCE PIE                   




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