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Thursday, December 20, 2012

random word of the day: FAT PANTS

random word of the day: FAT PANTS – wygodne spodnie na gumce, idealne, kiedy zjemy za dużo przy wigilijnym stole lub spodnie o kilka rozmiarów za duże niż te, które normalnie nosimy (stretchy pants with an elastic waist, perfect for binge eating around Christmas or pants that are a couple of sizes bigger than your regular size)

(1)  What are fat pants? Well, they're the pants you wear when you're fat. They're usually old, a few sizes too big, and comfortable. They're the pants you might wear for Thanksgiving dinner, or to a Chinese Buffet. I'm wearing my pair right now - an old pair of blue jeans fit for the waist of a snowman.

(2)     Hi Kathy, I haven't seen you wear those pants before.
Yeah, I put on a few pounds and everything else is too tight so I am wearing my fat pants.

(3) You know it’s a bad day when your fat pants feel tight.

(4) 'Tis the season for feasting and fat pants.

 I’m dreaming of a WIDE Christmas,
With every cookie that we frost.
Where the icing glistens
And people hasten
To gain back all the weight we’ve lost.
I’m dreaming of a WIDE Christmas
Where even “fat pants” do not fit.
Grab the scale and toss it outside,
And may all your Christmases be WIDE!

fit – odpowiednie (right, suitable)
the waist of a snowman – talia bałwana (a very large waist)
stretchy – rozciągliwe (made of a fabric that is comfortable and doesn’t prevent movement)
an elastic waist – gumka w pasie
binge eating – niekontrolowane objadanie się (an episode of uncontrollable eating)
to put on ( a few pounds/ kilos) – przytyć (to gain)
tight – obcisłe, ciasne (uncomfortably small)
'Tis – it’s
to feast – ucztować, biesiadować (to eat a lot of good food and enjoy it very much)
to frost – polewać lukrem (to put icing on)
icing – lukier (sweet food used to cover or fill cakes, made from sugar and water or sugar and butter, frosting)
to glisten – błyszczeć, świecić się (to shine)
to hasten – spieszyć się (to be in a hurry)
to gain back (weight) – z powrotem przytyć (to get bigger again)
They don’t fit. – here: They are too small.
to grab – złapać (to catch)
a scale (US)/ scales (UK) – waga (a machine for checking how much someone/ something weighs)
to toss – rzucać (to throw)

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