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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

random word of the day: A SNOW GLOBE

random word of the day: A SNOW GLOBE – śnieżna kula (a glass sphere that contains a scene or landscape, liquid and white particles that look like snowflakes)

(1) No one can resist shaking a snow globe and then watching the snow slowly fall back to the bottom.

(2) I’ve always loved snow globes. There is something magical about being able to transform a wonderful little world into a snowy wonderland

(3) Today I am living in a snow globe – there are marshmallows in my cocoa, and I'm working on big dreams. Life is so good.

(4) Snow globes are the most sentimental gift that can be passed from one person to another. (…) Because any time there is a script that contains a moment when a gift should be given, and it should be clear that the gift is a gift with all kinds of feeeeeeeelings involved, there is an excellent chance that the gift will be a snow globe.

(5) Like most people, I love snow globes. And I love them even more when they are as unique, quirky and odd as these from the NY Artist team Walter Martin & Paloma Munoz.

a sphere – kula (an object shaped like a ball)

a landscape – krajobraz (an area, a land)

liquid – płyn, ciecz (a substance, such as water, that is not solid or a gas and that can be poured easily)

particles – drobinki, cząsteczki (extremely small pieces)

to resist – oprzeć się (to stop yourself from doing something that you want to do)

a (snowy) wonderland – (śnieżna) kraina czarów (a magical place)

marshmallows – pianki (soft, sweet pink or white  candy)

cocoa – kakao (a sweet brown chocolate drink)

be passed from someone to someone else – być przekazywanym (to be given to someone by someone else)

a script – scenariusz (the words of a film)

to contain – zawierać (to have something inside or include something as a part)

clear – jasne, oczywiste (obvious)

There are feelings involved. – w grę wchodzą uczucia (When someone feels emotional about a situation.)

an excellent chance – ogromna szansa (a great chance)

unique – jedyny w swoim rodzaju, niepowtarzalny (unusual, special in some way)

quirky – dziwny, (unusual in an attractive and interesting way)

odd – dziwny,  (strange, unexpected)

Find more special snow globes here:




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