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Saturday, December 8, 2012

random word of the day: A SNOWFLAKE

random word of the day: A SNOWFLAKE – śnieżynka, płatek śniegu (a small piece of snow)

(1) I love capturing snowflakes on my tongue and letting them melt.

(2) I love the snowflake pattern because it works for Christmas, but also extends into January for a wintery theme.

(3) Katie decorated the gingerbread with a snowflake stencil that her sister cut out and held in place while she sprinkled powdered sugar on it.

(4) Your snowflake jumper from the men’s section is starting to grow on me.

(5) While each snowflake may be unique, Libbrecht says there are 35 different types of snowflakes that you can recognize if you look closely.

(6) I think a lot of snowflakes are alike...and I think a lot of people are alike too.

to capture – złapać, schwytać (to catch)
to melt – topnieć, roztapiać się (to turn into water)
the snowflake pattern – wzór w śnieżynki (when something has many identical snowflakes on)
It works for Christmas. – It can be used during Christmas
It extends into January. – It can also be used later when January arrives.
gingerbread – piernik
a stencil – szablon (a piece of card, plastic, metal, etc. into which shapes have been cut, and which is used to draw or paint patterns onto a surface)
to sprinkle – posypać (to drop a few pieces or drops of something)
It’s starting to grow on me. – I’m liking it more and more.
to recognize – rozpoznać (to identify)
to look closely – przypatrzeć się (to look carefully)

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