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Thursday, December 6, 2012

random word of the day: CHRISTMAS CARDS ON A STRING

random word of the day: CHRISTMAS CARDS ON A STRING – kartki świąteczne powieszone na sznurku (a fun way to display your Christmas cards and decorate the living room, most popular in England)

(1) I remember hanging the Christmas cards on a string as a kid, eagerly reading each one as it arrived.

(2) One of my traditions at home is to hang Christmas cards on a string on the wall or on the mantle.

(3) Christmas tree pegs: Santa uses these for his washing, but you can use them to hang Christmas cards on a string across the room, or for your washing.

(4) What is wrong with hanging Christmas cards on a string in your living room with mini pegs? It looks like it's the only thing to do considering that the shelves are already covered in "congratulation for your new car" cards and, of course, good old birthday cards.

(5) There were seven lousy Christmas cards, which they put up on a string over the fireplace.

to display – zaprezentować (to show)
eagerly – chętnie, ochoczo, (showing a great interest)
as – when
a mantle/ a mantel/a mantlepiece /a mantelpiece – gzyms nad kominkiem (a shelf above a  fireplace, usually part of a frame which surrounds the fireplace)
a peg – klamerka (small stick or hook from which objects, especially clothes, can hang)
washing – pranie (washed clothes, laundry)
considering that – wziąwszy pod uwagę, że (knowing that)
lousy – kiepskie, marne (very bad, lame)
a fireplace – kominek (a space in the wall of a room for a fire to burn in)


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